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Marketing with Social Media

Social media impacts careers, discovery, marketing, reputation, and research. ABA surveys indicate that many lawyers and firms are using social media tools like Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Podcasts, and Twitter. Get started or improve your skills by reading the articles and books linked below. Books About Social Media Creating an Online Publishing Strategy Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers Lawyers Guide to Social Media LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers LinkedIn Marketing Techniques Legal Ethics and Social Media Marketing on the Internet Social Media Law Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers Young Lawyers Guide to Social Media Articles About Social Media Alternatives Avoiding Over Use Best Practices   Discovery in Legal Proceedings Influencers   Ethics   Metrics   Networking Managing Social Media Marketing with Social Media Networking Participating in Online Communities Strategies Time Tips   Writing Articles About Alternative Media Blogging Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Articles About Too

Marketing with Audio

Social audio apps facilitate networking as a broadcaster or a listener. Broadcast from your home or office. Listen while driving, walking, or doing chores. Social Audio is live with no recording or playback. Current platforms include Cappuccino, Clubhouse, Quilt, and Twitter Spaces. Listeners participate by  raising their hand to ask a question or comment.   Social Audio is another way that technology is transforming how lawyers communicate, interact, learn, and market. Get tips from articles about Audio Networks ,  Clubhouse for Lawyers , New Ways to Network , Social Audio For Lawyers , and Using Twitter Spaces .  Also see blog posts about Webcasting Tools and how to marketing with   Blogging , Podcasting , and  Social Media .

Improving Reputations

A good reputation helps persuade clients, colleagues, and the judiciary. It attracts cases, adds authority, and improves interactions. Following is an action plan and resources to manage reputations for successful firms and careers.     Action Plan Branding - use a tagline on business cards, brochures, and websites. Listing - list in legal directories and social media; update at least annually. Monitoring - conduct weekly searches for inaccurate and negative information (e.g., Google, Bing, and social media). Planning - create a personal development plan to improve knowledge, skills, and abilities. Publishing - publish articles on blogs, periodicals, social media, and websites. Reviews - encourage reviews, reply to negative ones, and report fakes. Surveying - survey client satisfaction and respond to comments. Volunteering - pursue volunteer opportunities to develop your reputation.   Articles Willie Peacock, Strategies for Efficient Lawyer Reputation Management , Clio Blog, Jun.

Leading Healthy Lifestyles

A healthy lifestyle helps lawyers thrive throughout life. Stay healthy with annual medical checkups, balanced meals, daily meditation, and weekly exercise.  Avoid digital addiction by turning off notifications, putting devices away during family time, and setting daily time limits on personal use of email and social media.  Practice mindfulness with a daily Yoga class and listening to meditation music before bedtime.  Read below for additional tips and resources to improve your  health and productivity.  The resources include articles, books and websites for lawyers. More Tips Be Active - Do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise several times a week.  Get up from your desk at least hourly for a  two a minute walk.  Dink Water  - Drink 125 ounces/day (91 ounces for women) of water every day to regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, prevent infections, and keep organs functioning. Eat Well -  A healthy diet will reduce the risk of complications from Coronavirus. Eat fruits, vegetables, an

Writing a Bio

Well-written biographical information can attract clients, enhance reputations, get jobs, and recruit staff. Biographies tell a narrative story that promote you and your firm. They are used in directory listings, business proposals, firm websites, and social media profiles. They give prospects a reason for consulting you.  Use the tips and resources below to help write a new biography or update an old one.   Ask an associate or marketing professional to proofread your bio and suggest improvements.  Mark your calendar with an annual reminder to update your directory listings, social media profile, and website bio.   Tips Audience - adversaries, clients, judges, prospects, and recruits Awards - mention awards and accomplishments Contact - include contact information and a link for submitting inquiries Content  - provide credentials, history, personal interests, and practice areas  Graphics - insert a professional quality photograph and use bulleted lists and infographics Length - keep it

Using Hashtags

Hashtags (#) and handles (@) can be used to search content on social media and increase the visibility of your postings. Use # with words to lure readers searching for those words. Tag people and organizations with @ to attract searchers looking for them. Learn how to use handles and hashtags by reading articles about them ,  what they mean , marketing with hashtags ,  popular legal tags , hashtag etiquette ,  promoting your firm with tags,  using on  LinkedIn  and Instagram , and tips for searching with tags . Read  articles about using Instagram ,  LinkedIn and Twitter hashtags. Also see the  post   about  marketing with social media   and visit the ABA's web page with social media resources . , us

Keeping Lawyers Happy

Below is a list of tips for keeping lawyers happy at your firm. And beneath the list are links to articles and books with additional tips. Happy lawyers are committed, engaged, and productive. They are less susceptible to burnout and unlikely to leave for a new position.  Tips for Keeping Lawyers Happy Amenities - Provide concierge services; reimburse commuting expenses, add  fitness classes  Assistance - Support those with mobility and family issues Balance  -  Offer part-time work and reduce billable hour requirements Bonuses  - pay bonuses at an appropriate frequency Collaboration  - Conduct firm meetings to promote collaboration and teamwork Compensation -  be vigilant to keep competitive pay and benefits Feedback  - Give guidance and feedback Rewards - Acknowledge and reward accomplishments Socialization - Host social events to facilitate team building Space  - add outdoor areas for work and socializing  Snacks  - Serve healthy drinks snacks (e.g. fruit, Kombucha, etc.) Traini

Keeping Current

Set aside time in your daily schedule to check developments in law, news, and technology. Keep current on legal news by visiting legal news websites . Stay alert to general news by subscribing to top ranked aggregators , associations ,  blogs , newsletters , newspapers , podcasts ,  twitter feeds , and websites . U se social media posts for quick updates and scholarly journals for deeper learning.  Use  podcasts  and  social media while commuting, exercising, or travelling. Consult a bias checker to view a  bias chart . Avoid information overload by curating news sources and limiting media use, and switching off alerts. For more strategies, read articles about  checking facts ,  preemption checking ,  publications for lawyers , and staying current on legal news and  current events .  Also check resources at websites maintained by law libraries at universities of  HK , USF , and  UW .

Becoming a Legal Twitterer

Surveys  show that a significant number of lawyers and their firms are using Twitter.  Lawyers mostly use Twitter for following news, marketing, and establishing reputations. See samples using a  Directory of Legal Twitterers , a  List of Lawyers to Follow , or a  Table of Top Law Feeds .  Learn more by reading articles about the benefits of Twitter , creating an account , ethical issues , getting followers , marketing with social media ,  starting up , and user tips .   Also see O'Reilly's  Twitter Book  and the ABA's   Guide to Legal Ethics and Social Media.

DesignIng Websites

Well designed websites attract clients and keep them returning. Periodically visit other firm websites to assure that your site is competitive. Annually review data to determine whether traffic and retention are adequate.  Use the checklists  below to confirm that your website has essential features and consult the resources for articles, books, and samples of well-designed  websites. Front Page Features Brevity - be concise to speed downloads Menu - include links to other pages of the site Photo - show lawyers and staff   Social - links to social media pages Tagline - express the firm’s focus or mission  Essential Pages About - awards, focus, history, practice Articles - bibliography or blog Bios - bios for lawyers and staff  Contact - address, phone, etc.  Disclaimers - ethical and privacy notices Press  - news about your firm and its lawyers Portal - client  access to bills, documents, messaging, etc. Articles Alternatives for Hosting Best Practices Critical Elements Design Do

Communicating with Clients

"The medium is the message" is a phrase made popular in 1964 by Marshall McLuhan in his best-selling book about media.  For maximum impact, carefully  select the medium when communicating with clients, lawyers, and staff. See below for communication options and articles, books, and samples of them.  Alternatives Articles - publish articles online and in print to enhance your reputation Face-to-face - best for emotional or difficult topics Email - useful for assigning tasks, following-up, and seeking clarification Letters - useful for formal communications and transmitting documents Memos  - report research results Meetings - best for complex and controversial matters Note cards  - use for informal communications to express concern or gratitude  Phone Calls - useful for dialogue about complicated subjects Social Media - effective for staying connected Texts - limit use to short messages Video - effective for courtroom presentations and marketing legal services Webinar

Overcoming Anxiety

Warning signs of anxiety include excessive worry, chronic fatigue, constant irritability, gastrointestinal distress, nagging fear, and inadequate sleep. To avoid anxiety, keep connected with family and friends, schedule weekly exercise sessions, and make time for social activities. Seek the help of a coach or psychologist if you are unable to overcome your anxiety. For additional tips, see the articles, books and websites listed below. Articles Avoiding Burnout Being Mindful Clearing Hazards   Crying to Relieve Anxiety Decision Fatigue Diagnosing Anxiety   Foods to Fight Depression Maintaining Mental Health Managing Stress Fighting Forgetfulness Preventing Burnout Seeking Professional Help Recognizing and Treating Depression Stopping Social Media Overload   Thriving with Anxiety   Battling Depression Books Guide to a Satisfying Practice   Models for Happy Lawyers   Techniques for Feeling Better Untangling Fear   Unwinding Anxiety   Websites  ABA  State Bar Associations  

Preventing Burnout

Burnout can lead to career changes, low morale, and reduced productivity. Individuals can avoid burnout by getting support, seeking affection, staying socially connected, and taking sabbaticals. Firms can prevent burnout by offering part-time tracks, providing socialization, and reducing stress.  For more tips, consult the articles, books, and websites listed below.   Articles Adopting Bar Initiatives   Assessing Social Media Use Avoiding information Overload Being Mindful Coping with Job Pressure Crying to Relieve Stress Hiring a Burnout Advisor Organizing Social Activities Preventing Lawyer Burnout Promoting Well-Being Recognizing Problems Preventing Burn-Out Smiling for Well-Being Walking to Reduce Stress Well Being With Water Therapy Books   Addicted to Busy Preventing Burnout The Happy Lawyer Websites Lawyer Well-Being   Very Well Mind   Work-Life Balance

Designing a Law Firm Logo

An impressive logo establishes your firm’s professional presence and helps it stand out from the competition. Logos can be used on printed materials like brochures, business cards, and stationery. They can also be used on electronic media like e-mail, firm websites, and social networking.  Make your logo distinctive with colors, design, and imagery.  For more tips, read articles about building a brand ,  choosing a firm name ,  creating a firm logo ,  illustrative examples , and types to consider . Also see below for links to creative logos used by small law firms with injury, family, and criminal law practices. Samples of Logos Used by Small Firms Bicycle  (Law office of Jeffrey Glassman, Boston MA) Monogram Incorporating Initials of Firm Name (Abdo Law Firm, Clinton, MI) Animal  (David Wolf, Jacksonville, FL)  Abstract  (Sandy Fox, Miami, FL)

Marketing Activities

Marketing activities are essential activity for a successful firm. Start by selecting low-cost activities like attending luncheons and handing out business cards. Measure results to focus on activities that bring more cases. See below for a list of marketing alternatives and resources for implementing them.    Activities Adopt slogan Distribute business cards Give gifts Improve websites Issue press releases Offer checkups Mail postcards Make speeches Participate in Online Communities Request Feedback Send pamphlets Update directories Use social media Write articles Articles Action Plans for Law Firm Marketing Broadening Your Client Base Cost Effective Marketing Techniques Comprehensive Marketung Plan Creative Marketing Strategies Daily Marketing Activities Email Marketing Getting New Clients Managing Client Relationships Marketing During Difficult Times Marketing Trends for Lawyers Online Marketing Activities Strategies for Profitability Tactics for Marketing Books Building Rainmakers