Lincoln Lawyering

Abraham Lincoln had a successful career as a small firm lawyer for 25 years before becoming America’s 16th president in 1861. In notes for a lecture to lawyers, Lincoln attributed his achievements to diligence, honesty, and time management. Learn more by reading Lincoln's Lecture on Successful Lawyering  and an article  about  Lincoln’s Lessons for Lawyers . Also see books about Lawyering Like Lincoln ,  Lincoln’s Counsel for Litigators , and  The Organized Lawyer . Get entertained by watching Matthew McConaughey in The Lincoln Lawyer  on Netflix.

Tracking Time

Managing, recording and tracking time are essential habits for successful lawyering.  Poor time-keeping can result in unhappy clients and lost revenue.  Use automated systems, set alarms, review daily, and record time as you work. Read articles about  time tracking tips and how to use  time technology . 

Speeding Delivery of Paper Documents

Consider cost, timeliness, and reliability when selecting the best service for delivering your legal documents. Remember to check court rules and determine preferences of recipients. Read articles about  document preparation  and  management . Learn about electronic delivery alternatives  to email attachments and physical delivery  options like  courier ,  electronic , and  US mail mail .  Be careful to  avoid delays caused by seasonal slowdowns and work stoppages. Alternatives Client Portal - quick and secure, but inconvenient Courier - best for same-day service, but expensive FedEx - best for next-day service, less expensive than courier  Fax - quick and secure, but requires hardware Link Sharing - convenient, quick, and secure UPS - competitive pricing for 2-day and 3-day service US Postal Service - best value US mail

Improving Video Calls

Below are tips for using video conferencing apps and links to articles and books for more help. Video calling has become popular for a variety of uses including one-on-one calls, meetings, and presentations. A number of free and inexpensive services are available for making video calls, including Adobe Connect, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.  Improve your appearance and professionalism by mastering the conferencing apps used by organizations and clients. Tips Use a Virtual Background Make Yourself More Attractive Be Prepared to Mute a Participant's Mic  Use Gallery View to See all Participants Use Screen Sharing to Show Slides Turn Off Mic Before Meeting Record Meetings for Replay Articles Managing Videoconferencing Videoconferencing Tips Zoom Tips and Tricks Guide to Video Calling Services Books Google Meets Made Easy Harnessing the Benefits of Video Conferencing Using Zoom Microsoft Teams for Dummies

Virtual Depositions

During virtual depositions , witnesses, lawyers, and court reporters participate online from different locations. To improve video and sound quality, consider purchasing a webcam or headset.  To prepare in advance, test your equipment and Internet connection. To avoid distractions, turn off noise makers and post a do not disturb sign on your door. During the deposition, speak up if your connection freezes and do not speak over others. Remember to mute your microphone during breaks.  For more tips, read articles about building a case virtually , discovery tips , discoverability of virtual meetings ,  mastering virtual depositions , software for e-discovery , and trends in e-discovery . Also see John McIntyre's article about Virtual Discovery .