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Lawyering with Dementia

Mental sharpness can decline with age and sometimes be a sign of dementia. C onsult the following resources if you notice a colleague in mental decline or to prepare for the possibility that you might lose mental acuity before you retire.   Articles Detecting and Preventing Dementia Knowing When to Quit Law Firm Succession Planning: A Guide Lawyering with Dementia Raising Awareness of Alzheimer's Impairment in the Law Preparing for Mental Decline Reducing the Risk of Dementia Warning Signs of Dementia Wellness Guide for Senior Lawyers and Their Families, Friends, and Colleagues Books Passing the Torch Without Getting Burned Planning Ahead Guide Senior Lawyer Guidebook The Lawyer's Retirement Planning Guide Checklists Actions After an Alzheimer's Diagnosis Closing a Law Practice Law Practice Audit Warning Signs of Dementia Websites Lawyer Assistance Programs Succession Planning Alzheimer's Resources

Writing Gender Neutral

In the late 1900's, writers began using  gender inclusive language to make women part of the narrative.  For example, using "he or she" as a pronoun instead of only using "she".  In the 2000's, gender neutrality was extended to using pronouns like "they" to be considerate of people whose genders are neither male or female. Gender neutral writing has been adopted in journalistic and academic writing.  It is also  relevant to business and  legal writing.  Below are tips for gender neutral writing and resources for using it in briefs, contracts, corrrspondence, and other documents..  Tips Pluralize the noun and use they as pronoun Repeat a noun instead of using a pronoun Use they as a singular pronoun Articles Adding Gender Neutral Pronouns to Email Signatures  (WiseStamp Blog) Avoiding Sexist Language in Legal Writing  (University of Denver) Do's Don'ts and Maybes of Legal Writing (NYSBA) Gender Free Legal Writing  (British Columbia Law Inst

Hiring Consultants

Consultants are a resource  for your solos and small firms. They can provide temporary or permanent help to  firms that are lean on staffing. Management consultants can help with accounting, bookkeeping, marketing,  Tech consultants can help with apps, security, storage, and training.  Find a consultant with a Google search or ask colleagues for a referral. Decide whether to get online, phone or in-person support. Check reviews at websites like  Yelp and Hello Tech. For more information, consult the resources listed below, ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center, and the state bar advisory services.  Articles Choosing a Tech Consultant Using a Tech Consultant Skills To Look For When Hiring a Marketing Consultant What is Practice Management Consulting Books Legal Technology Guide Cybersecurity Handbook Techniques of Top Consultants Websites ABA Legal Technology Resource Center ALA Directory of Tech Consultants

Motivating Staff

Motivated staff are happier and produce better results. Motivate by recognizing individuals and rewarding them for their achievements. Engender a team spirit by scheduling skills training and team building events. Read the articles and books listed below to learn motivational tips.   Articles Carrot and Stick Motivation Effective Ways to Motivate Getting People Back to the Office Inspiring Employees Post-Pandemic Perks Motivating Lawyers and Legal Assistants Self-Motivating for Solos Showing Employees You Appreciate Them Talent Development Books Showing Gratitude in the Workplace Winning Friends and Influencing People