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Staying Healthy at Work

Camaraderie and healthy workstyles can improve happiness and productivity. The following are tips for staying healthy and social whether working in an office or at home. Tips Boundaries – set boundaries with clients and colleagues to reduce stress. Breaks – take breaks by standing up, stretching, and walking for bone/muscle health. Diet – snack on fruit and vegetables to boost your immune system. Ergonomics – upgrade chairs, desks, monitors, and keyboards to eliminate discomfort. Fitness  - exercise during the workday to maintain muscles and stay fit. Friendship – stay social with daily breaks for small talk and lunch with associates, clients, and friends. Hydration – drink 8 cups of water every day to keep joints lubricated and organs functioning. Pollution - use ultraviolet lights and a personal air purifier to improve air quality. Routine – establish a daily time for logging on/off from work to avoid burnout. Sleep - get 7 to 8 hours/night of uninterrupted sleep to restore y