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Selling Law Firms

Law firm transitions can be accomplished through closure or sale.  Causes include bankruptcy, death, disability, disagreements, and retirement. Regardless of cause, transitions are a complicated process that requires careful planning.  Below are transition tips followed by resources for implementing them.  Contact your local bar association for help from its management advisory service. Tips Closing - Close bank, escrow, and other financial accounts Communicating - Notify bar associations, clients, colleagues, insurers, and employees Billing - Establish procedure for billing work in progress and transferring cases Filing - Establish retention periods for retaining files Insuring - continue malpractice insurance coverage Liquidating - prepare  a list of assets/liabilities and plan for liquidating them Planning - Prepare a detailed plan that sets a closing date assigns responsibility Winding Down - suspend marketing and stop accepting new cases Terminating - negotiate termination

Managing Time

Time management increases productivity, relieves stress, and prevents procrastination. Make time management part of your daily life by delegating, planning, and prioritizing.  Consider using the apps listed below to help get things done. Learn tips and techniques by reading the articles and books listed below.   Apps Calendaring Collaboration Note-Taking Managing Projects Improving Productivity To Do Lists Timekeeping Articles Balancing Work and Life at School  Managing Time in the Workplace Improving Time Management Skills Overcoming Procrastination  Skills Need for Time Management  Time Management Tips for Lawyers Books Checklist Manifesto Habits of Highly Effective People How to Stop Procrastinating Getting Things Done