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Blocking Unwanted Calls

Many Americans are choosing not to answer their phones because of a deluge of robo and spam calls. Legislation has been adopted to stop the unwanted calls, but the problem is likely to continue. Below are strategies to block unwanted calls and articles with additional tips.  Strategies Apps - use an app like Hiya or NoMoRobo to block robocalls Complaining - submit a complaint to the FCC or FTC  Do Not Disturb - send calls to voicemail  Notifications - turn off notifications on smartphones to stop alerts from texts and calls Privacy  - keep your phone number confidential and/or use a second number Registering - register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry Screening - use settings to silence unknown callers and send them to voicemail, or hire an answering service to screen incoming calls Setting  - use smartphone settings to silence unknown callers, block unwanted calls and stop spam texts  Articles Anti-Robocall Act A pps For Call Blocking Avoiding Scams Blocki

Marketing With Press Releases

Below are tips for writing law firm press releases and links to samples from solo and small firm websites. An occasional press release can raise your firm's visibility and improve its online reputation. They are an inexpensive and effective marketing tactic for solos and small firms. Publish press releases at your firm website and submit them them to bar associations and editors of local newspapers and magazines. Also consider contacting editors to offer articles on topics in your practice areas. For more tips, see articles about the  art of press releases , building a press page ,  distribution services , emailing clients ,  getting into papers ,  importance of press releases,   managing public relations ,   publishing online , and  writing style ,  Also see books for lawyers about  Public Relations  and  Working with Reporters .  Tips Start with a sentence that has lists the city, state, month, day and year  Follow the first sentence with a paragraph that summarizes the content o

Monitoring Legal Trends

Below is a list of current trends in the legal profession. Keep your firm ahead of the competition by adopting them early. Learn more about the trends by reading the articles and books appended at the end of this post. Trends  Artificial Intelligence - gradual adoption of AI for drafting, litigation, marketing and research Cloud Computing - growing use of cloud for collaborating, saving and signing documents Cybersecurity - rising use of authenticator apps, encryption, and training Office Space - spread of unassigned seating to accommodate hybrid workers and reduce rent Payment - increasing acceptance of credit cards and other electronic payment alternatives Remote Work - remote working continuing at least two each week Schedule - hybrid work schedules with 2 or 3 days in office and remainder at home Signature - increasing use of e-signing with Adobe Sign, DocuSign and Microsoft Teams Team Building - greater emphasis on online engagement to keep lawyers connected  Training - continued

Marketing with Taglines

Firms use slogans (sometimes called taglines) to make themselves more memorable. Slogans are usually limited to a few words and describe unique features of the firm. They can be prominently displayed on websites, business cards, and stationery. When choosing or changing a slogan, use words that are timeless and easy to remember. Consider using a logo with the slogan to stand out like the Black Knight on the business card used by  Palladin , the lead character of the 1950’s TV Western. For more tips, read articles about building a brand ,  designing a logo ,  selecting a slogan ,  ethical considerations , taglines vs slogans , and using them in email . For inspiration, see taglines adopted by famous corporations  and  large law firms . Also see the following examples from websites of solos and small firms.    Sample Taglines Bridge From Big Firm Experience  (Silverberg Zalantis, Tarrytown, NY) Cardoso Cares  (Cardoso Law, Pensacola, FL)  Call Earley, Before It's Too Late  (Law Offic

Choosing Legal Software

Small firms and solos can enjoy many benefits from management software, including client satisfaction, cost reduction, data protection, and information sharing. Monthly subscription fees range from about $40 to $100 per user. The software can manage billing, payments, calendars, cases, communications, conflicts, and documents. Select software that is easy to use and flexible to fit your needs. Look for features like cloud storage, paperless processing, online payment, and smartphone accessibility.  Read reviews to assess quality, scalability, support, and training.  Check your bar association for member discounts and preferred providers.  Use the resources listed below to select a vendor, implement software, and train staff.  Articles Benefits of Business Software Best Apps and Websites for AI Choosing and Using Law Firm Software Client Relationship Software  Digitally Transforming Yourself Questions to Ask Selection Criteria Solo and Small Firm Software Technology Trends Tips for Choo