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Preventing Covid

Covid may continue for years and flare up at different times and places . Proactive employers are slowing down re-openings, making masking mandatory, and requiring immunizations. Individuals can be proactive by getting a booster, resuming masking, and following the additional tips listed below. Monitor the  Coronavirus situation and adjust practices for new developments. For more tips, read the CDC's  Recommendations for Individuals   and HBR's Guide for Employers . See articles about Breakthrough Covid ,  Covid Proofing Offices ,  Delayed Reopenings ,  Delta FAQ's ,   Expert Advice , New Guidance ,  Preparing Firms for Next Outbreak ,   Protecting Yourself ,  Staying Safe , Vaccinations , and   When Covid Will Peak . Also see AARP’s state-by-state Summary of Covid Restrictions . TIPS FOR INDIVIDUALS Activity - avoid public places and resume curbside pickups from groceries and restaurants Dining - limit patronage to restaurants with outdoor dining and wear a mask when not

Preventing Burnout

Burnout can lead to career changes, low morale, and reduced productivity. Individuals can avoid burnout by getting support, reducing workloads, seeking affection, staying socially connected, and taking sabbaticals. Firms can prevent burnout by offering part-time tracks, providing socialization, and reducing stress.  For more tips, consult the articles, books, and websites listed below.   Articles Adopting Bar Initiatives   Assessing Social Media Use Avoiding information Overload Being Mindful Coping with Job Pressure Crying to Relieve Stress Enjoying Yourself Hiring a Burnout Advisor Organizing Social Activities Preventing Lawyer Burnout Promoting Well-Being Recognizing Problems Preventing Burn-Out Protecting Attention Smiling for Well-Being Walking to Reduce Stress Well Being With Water Therapy Books   Addicted to Busy Preventing Burnout The Happy Lawyer Websites Lawyer Well-Being   Very Well Mind   Work-Life Balance

Using Emojis

Emojis have been used in texts, tweets, and emails since 1998.  Originally limited to communications between family and friends, they are becoming popular in professional communications. Emojis emphasize  positivity and help convey feelings . Start slowly by limiting to communications with emoji users and selecting images with common meanings like OK or Thumbs  Up .  Mind the age gap since different age groups give different meanings to emojis. Get perspective by reading about the history of emojis   benefits of using them , interpreting them in the courtroom , and why they are acceptable at work . Get proficient  by reading a guide to using emojis articles about age gaps ,  applications ,  etiquette , silencing , user tips and  evidentiary value .

Winning Awards

Enhance your reputation by nominating yourself yourself and your firm to receive an award recognizing achievements, contributions, and innovations. Mention awards on blogs, cards, and websites. Apply strategically and don't take it personally when passed over for awards. Continue trying in future years and submitting to alternative organizations and publishers. See below for awards for lawyers and articles with tips for winning them. Articles About Awards Alternatives to Awards , Attorney at Work Assessing Lawyer Awards , Above the Law How to Win Awards , The Ladder Why Awards are Important , Ripley PR Grantors of Awards American Bar Association American Lawyer Clio Financial Trend National Law Journal Lawyer of Distinction US News Lists of Awards Gladiator Marketing Law Crossing Wikipedia

Updating Technology

Using up-to-date technology can keep your firm competitive and make work easier. Get help by resources available from the ABA's Legal Technology Resource Center , CUNY’s Tech Center , and your State Bar's  Lawyer Assistance Program . Learn how to automate by reading articles about client portals ,  client relationship software,   document automation , Microsoft 365 ,   keeping time , and virtual assistants , Also read ABA books about automation ,  computers , collaboration ,  cybersecurity , and  technology .  Use  the following Technology Checklist to assure success whether working from an office, home, or on the road. SOFTWARE Billing (Bill4Time, PC Law, Quicken, Tabs3, TimeSov, Zola, etc.) Bookkeeping (e.g. QuickBooks and ZipBooks) Client Relationship (e.g. Aptivo, Clio Grow, Salesforce, or Zoho CRM) Conferencing (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom) Email Marketing (e.g. Constant Contact or Mailchimp) Employee Incentives (e.g. Bonusly) Office Productivity (e.g. Offic

Listening Better

Being a good listener can help you connect with clients, lawyers, and staff. Good listeners are respected, well-liked, and win cases and negotiations. Eliminate distractions, express concern, and avoid interrupting talkative people. For more tips, read articles about communication strategies , effective listening , enhancing skills ,   why lawyers need to be good listeners , and  winning trials by listening . For in-depth study, read books  Effective Legal Communication  and Communication Skills for Lawyers .