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Developing Leaders

Lawyers with leadership skills can help their firms overcome obstacles, win cases, and work as a team. Establish your reputation as a leader by critiquing in private, praising in public, and providing weekly feedback to staff. Institutionalize leadership with chains of command, firm newsletters, reward systems, training workshops, and weekly team meetings. Get inspired by reading bios of legal rebels  and other law firm leaders . Learn about leadership by reading articles about bar leaders , blind spots ,  building character ,  developing leaders , firm leadership , in-house hierarchies , leadership development ,  practice group chairs ,  secrets of successful leaders , styles of leadership , traits of leaders , and training leaders . For in-depth study, read the ABA’s Lessons in Leadership ,  FDCC’s  Leadership for Lawyers , McKenna’s Herding Cats , and PWC's Guide to Talent Management .  Nominate your firm leaders for an ABA  or GP Award or for recognition from local, specialty,

Marketing with Audio

Social audio apps facilitate networking as a broadcaster or a listener. Broadcast from your home or office. Listen while driving, walking, or doing chores. Social Audio is live with no recording or playback. Current platforms include Cappuccino, Clubhouse, Quilt, and Twitter Spaces. Listeners participate by  raising their hand to ask a question or comment.   Social Audio is another way that technology is transforming how lawyers communicate, interact, learn, and market. Get tips from articles about Audio Networks ,  Clubhouse for Lawyers , New Ways to Network , Social Audio For Lawyers , and Using Twitter Spaces .  Also see blog posts about Webcasting Tools and how to marketing with   Blogging , Podcasting , and  Social Media .

Increasing Profits

Increase your firm's profits by using alternative fee structures, billing more frequently, going paperless, and updating devices and software. Adopt technologies like  electronic payment, client portals, and intake software.  Read ABA books about Profitable Practices ,  Firm Profitability  and Legal Technology . Stay current on practice management by visiting  ABA and state bar  websites and using  free online resources  about lawyering and legal technology.  

Researching Law

To research smarter, start  by reading a law review article or treatise to guide your thinking and help identify issues. Next read cases and legislation to confirm your preliminary findings.  Use a checklist to assure that you cover all relevant issues. Learn more by using the following resources:  Archives -    Internet Archive  of books and articles and JD Supra archive of articles published by large law firms . Articles - Finding Articles , Finding Books ,  Online Research ,  Overcoming Obstacles , Searching Blogs , Secondary Sources ,  Smarter Research , Strategic Researching , Using Treatises Blogs  - Use tools at Google , Justia , and the  ABA  websites to search blog content for relevant articles and authors. Also see the Library of Congress directory of legal blogs by topic. Books -  Free and Low-Cost Research , Guide to Legal Research ,  Internet Guide for Legal Researcher ,  Legal Research in a Nutshell , Legal Researchers Desk Reference ,  Legal Scholar’s Guidebook ,  a