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Improving Personal Performance

As we age, we get better at some things, worse at others, and reach plateaus. However, exercise and mindfulness can help us maintain abilities as we age.  Below are ages when abilities peak and recommendations for maintaining them.   Aging and Abilities Cognition  - knowledge and thinking skills continue to improve through the 70's. Practice mindfulness and read books to expand knowledge. Emotion  - ability to control emotion peaks in the 50's. Regulate emotions by keeping a mood journal, listening to music, and using meditation.   Recognition  - memory for faces is greatest in the 20's and then declines around 30. Improve recognition skills by looking for facial markings like freckles and scars. Protect eyesight with annual checkups. Memory  - short-term memory peaks by mid-20's and then declines in the mid-30's. Improve memory by eating a brain-healthy diet, using mnemonic devices, and sleeping at least 7 hours every night. Strength  - physical strength peaks arou