Getting Back to Offices

Below are strategies to entice workers back to the office. For additional ideas see the articles and books listed below.

Amenities - offer amenities like snacks, meals, social events, and upgraded workspaces.
Apps - alert employees to apps for for ordering meals, scheduling meetings, and communicating
Flexibility - accommodate those with medical or personal needs for working remotely.
Makeover - uoprade offices by adding a lounge area, exercise equipment, and outdoor space
Health - protect health by improving air quality and providing anti-microbial office supplies
Policies - adopt policies to allow remote working a few days a week.

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Office Life After COVID-19 (ALM, Oct. 18, 2021) 
Providing Outdoor Space for Employees High Grove, Sep. 1, 2021)
Updating Return to Office Plans (HBR, Jan. 18, 2022)


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