Creating a Landing Page

Landing pages are web pages that visitors find by following links in an ad, email, or social media post. They can be used a s a destination for blogs, bios, client events, and marketing campaigns. Landing pages help convert prospects into paying clients and track the results of advertising.  They can be made accessible by inserting links in online advertisements. They can also be publicized by using QR codes on print materials like brochures and business cards. For additional tips, read the articles and books listed below. Also see the samples of landing pages used by law firms with their pay per click advertising. 


Edwards Law Firm (Family Law, Atlanta)
Glassman Law Firm (Personal Injury, Atlanta)
Patel Law Firm (Atlanta, Family Law)
Phancao & Shaffer (Elder Law, Irvine
Whittle Melton (Personal Injury, Tampa)


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