Welcoming New Clients

Make new clients welcome by providing them with a welcome kit. The kit can be posted on firm websites, physically delivered at in-person consultations or emailed for virtual consultations. Below are tips for creating welcome kits and links to resources to help you welcome new clients. 

Benefits - welcome kits create favorable impressions, set expectations, and streamline the onboarding process.   
Contents - include a contact page, client questionnaire, firm brochure, retention agreement, and welcome letter.
Cover - put the contents in a presentation folder imprinted with the firm's name to make it memorable.
Digital - create a PDF or video for the benefit of clients that consult virtually or prefer being paperless.
Education - use the kit to introduce members of the firm, billing procedures, client responsibilities, possible outcomes, and timelines. 
Tools - keep clients happy by using additional tools like practice management apps and client intake forms.
Client Intake Guide
Creating a Welcome Kit

Ashmore Law Firm (Dallas - General Practice)
Burbank Law Firm (Fullerton, CA - Elder Law)
Earley Law Firm (Boston - Personal Injury)
Marcos Law Firm (Houston - Personal Injury)
Thomas Law Firm (Houston - Family Law)

ABA - estate planning pamphlets
Blumberg - business cards, firm brochures, and client pamphlets
FedEx Office - business cards and brochures
Legal Store - pamphlets, presentation folders
Office Depot - business cards, brochures, pamphlets, presentation folders
Staples - business cards, brochures and pamphlets


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