Going Back to School

Going back to school can help advances careers and achieve personal fulfillment after retirement. Education can also be used to develop specialties, improve skills, and learn legal developments. Below are tips for continuing your education and resources for implementing them.    


 - use educational programs to add specialties, change careers, improve skills, and expand social networks.

Costs - consider free and low-cost programs offered by online providers and community colleges.

Disciplines - options include practice management, law office technology, and legal specialties like environmental, estate planning, international, maritime, and tax law.

Providers - search programs offered by bar associations, CLE organizations, online providers, and universities.

Style - select the learning style that suits your needs (e.g. in-person, online, or podcasts).

Teaching - give back to the profession by teaching at an undergraduate college or law school.

Timing - attend CLE programs early in careers, use part-time programs at career mid-points, pursue full-time programs for sabbaticals, and take adult education courses during retirement.


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