Controlling Anger

Anger can cause problems with health, relationships, and work. Below are Healthline's tips for getting immediate relief from anger. For more ideas, see articles about causes and management of angerstress and burnout. Also see Dr. Nerison’s article for more tips and her ABA book about Dealing with the Stresses of the Legal Profession.

Calming Strategiews

Eat - eat chocolate and/or drink tea to relieve stress
Chew - chew gum to boost mood
Listen - listen to music for its calming effect
Toy - interact with a rubics cube, stress ball, or worry beads
Social - vent to a co-worker, family member, or friend
Pet - take your pet for a walk to boost your mood
Walk - walk outside to relax
Watch - watch a funny video for laughter therapy
Write - write negative thoughts in a journal to get them out of your head


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