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Writing With Emphasis

PC's, smartphones, and tablets enable users to add images like emojis and emoticons to their messaging. Users started putting these images into personal messaging during the 1980's  and usage soon spread to business writing.  Despite the popularity of emojis and emoticons, exclamation points remain an important element in writing. Exclamation points can express emphasis, emotion, and excitement. They are less distracting than images. Below is a checklist of things to consider when deciding whether to use exclamation points in emails, papers, pleadings, posts, and texts. For further study, read the articles and books that follow the checklist. Checklist Acceptability - exclamation points are more universally acceptable than emoticons and emojis, but usually not appropriate for pleadings. Audience - consider demographics (age, profession, etc.) when deciding whether to use emojis, emoticons, or exclamation points. Frequency - consider using powerful words to avoid the need for em

Low Cost Marketing

Marketing activities are essential activity for a successful firm. Start by selecting low-cost activities like attending luncheons and handing out business cards. Measure results to focus on activities that bring more cases. See below for a list of marketing alternatives and resources for implementing them.    Activities Adopt slogan Distribute business cards Give gifts Improve websites Issue press releases Offer checkups Mail postcards Make speeches Send pamphlets Update directories Use social media Write articles Articles Action Plans for Law Firm Marketing Cost Effective Marketing Techniques Daily Marketing Activities Managing Client Relationships Marketing During Difficult Times Online Marketing Activities Strategies for Profitability Tactics for Marketing Books Capturing and Keeping Clients Marketing on the Internet Implementing Marketing Tactics Small Firm Marketing Standing Out from the Competition Checklists Associate Checklist Solo and Small Firm Checklist

Getting Back to the Office

Below are strategies to entice workers back to the office.  For additional ideas see the articles and books listed below. Strategies   Amenities - offer amenities like snacks, meals, social events, and upgraded workspaces. Apps  - alert employees to apps for for ordering meals, scheduling meetings, and communicating Flexibility - accommodate  those with medical or personal needs for working remotely. Makeover - uoprade offices by adding a lounge area, exercise equipment, and outdoor space Health - protect health by improving air quality and providing anti-microbial office supplies Policies - adopt  policies to allow remote working a few days a week. Articles Encouraging Workers to Return (ABA Journal, Oct. 26, 2021) Enticing Workers Back to the Office (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 1, 2021) Getting Lawyers Back to the Office (Blumberg Blog, Sept. 7, 2021) Improving Indoor Air Quality in the Office   (EPA, Nov. 1, 2021) Office Life After COVID-19 (ALM, Oct. 18, 2021)  Providing Out