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Using Address Books

The creative use of an address book can improve client relations, boost your reputation, and attract clients.  They can be kept in printed books, online databases, and stored in the cloud.  They can be synced between computers, smartphones and other devices.  Click here  for an article with tips for creating and maintaining your address book.

Giving Gifts

Promotional products are a rainmaking tool that keeps your name in front of clients for an extended period. Also known as giveaways, premiums, protocol, swag, and tchotchkes, they show gratitude and promote the use of your firm's services.  Click here to learn how to use promotional products. The tables accompanying the article provide resources to help you buy and use them.

ABA Marketing Rules

The American Bar Association gave a boost to marketing of legal services last year when it amended its rules to loosen restrictions on lawyer advertising and recognize new technologies. Click here to learn about the changes and resources for marketing legal services.


Good typography makes your writing look professional and easier to read. Click here for an article about how to make your correspondence and reports look good in print.

Taking Notes

Note taking promotes listening and learning in the classroom. It can also be used to advance careers. Click here for tips and tools to improve your note-taking techniques.