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Using Address Books

The creative use of an address book can improve client relations, boost your reputation, and attract clients.  They can be kept in printed books, online databases, and stored in the cloud.  They can be synced between computers, smartphones and other devices.  Click here  for an article with tips for creating and maintaining your address book.

Client Gift Giving

Promotional products are a rainmaking tool that keeps your name in front of clients for an extended period. Also known as giveaways, premiums, protocol, swag, and tchotchkes, they show gratitude and promote the use of your firm's services. See resources below for lawyer marketing and using promotional products to reward clients.  Articles : Keeping Clients Returning and Referring  (Blog, Nov. 18.2018) The Power of Promotional Products,   (Australia Promotion Association, 2013),\  Gift Giving is Good for Businesses   ( Business 2 Community , Nov. 3, 2016)  and When to Give Give Business Gifts and Who to Give Them to  ( Small Business Trends , Oct. 26, 2015) Books:  How to Capture and Keep Clients  (ABA, 2015) Li nkedIn Marketing (ABA 2017) Marketing on the Internet (ABA, 2017) Small Firm Marketing  (ABA, 2015) Women Rainmakers (ABA 2015) Webinar How to Generate Referrals from Other Attorneys and Clients Sources Blumberg Deluxe Halo National Pen Office Depot Personalization Mall St

ABA Marketing Rules

The American Bar Association gave a boost to marketing of legal services last year when it amended its rules to loosen restrictions on lawyer advertising and recognize new technologies. Click here to learn about the changes and resources for marketing legal services.

Looking Good in Print

Typography can be used to improve the  appearance of words on paper, computer screens, smartphones, and tablets. It makes writing more effective just like good speaking makes oral arguments more persuasive.   Following  are tips to enhance the typographical appearance of  correspondence, pleadings, and other legal documents.  Alignment.  Enhance readability by aligning the left margin and using a jagged edge for the right margin. The first line of paragraphs should be indented to make each paragraph stand out. Consultants . Consider hiring a design consultant to create a style manual and document templates for your firm.  Use a consultant to format high-profile documents like appellate briefs, merger agreements, or stationery.   Drafts.  Print drafts since documents can look different on paper than on computer screens. Review drafts for the appearance of text, fonts, and images.  Consider asking other members of your firm to review documents before they are finalized.  Emphasis . Use i

Taking Notes

Note taking promotes listening and learning in the classroom. It can also be used to advance careers. Improve your Note taking by reading articles with tips and guides to better note taking. Considering replacing legal pads with iPads for note-taking