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Technology Trends of 2019

The ABA recently published  9 articles summarizing the results of its 2019 Annual Survey of Law Firm Technology.  One of the articles is devoted to trends for solos and small. Firms. The other articles cover trends in Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Firm Culture, Management, Marketing, Training, Websites and Well-Being. Click here  for a page with links to the articles.

Client Relations

Happy clients pay bills timely, bring new cases, and refer prospects. Click here to learn about strategies and tactics for keeping your clients happy. Display the 10 Commandments of Client Relations in your Reception Area to let clients and staff know that relations are important at your firm.

Law Office Technology

Technology is increasingly used by lawyers to automate legal tasks, improve client relations, and manage law practices. Recent Innovations have made devices and systems more affordable and easier to adopt.  Click here for an article about affordable technologies for lawyers and resources for implementing them at your firm.  And click her e for an article about technology trends. Also read about the ethical obligation of technological competence .

Journaling to Improve Life

Journaling is a low-cost method for preserving history, promoting productivity and improving well-being. It has been used since ancient times to capture thoughts, keep reminders, and record events. Click here for tips about journaling and resources for starting a diary or journal.