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Marketing With Directory Listings

Free listings are available from many online lawyer directories, including Martindale-Hubbell,, FindLaw,com,, and To optimize your directory listings, read  How to Optimize Directory Listings . Below are links to directories of state-by State listings of directories sponsored by bar associations. BAR ASSOCIATION DIRECTORIES List of Bar Sponsored Directories    List of Licensed Lawyers

Writing Articles

Writing articles (also known as content marketing) can help you gain visibility and win new clients.  Publishing your articles online and in print can drive traffic to firm websites, lead to new clients, and bring media inquiries and speaking engagements. Click here for an article that provides writing tips and resources for lawyers who want to write articles to promote their practice. Click here for an article that explains how content marketing can be more effective than social media marketing. Learn more by reading ABA books about Building a Law Practice One Article at a Time  and Creating an Online Publishing Strategy for Law Firms .

Marketing with Newsletters

A firm newsletter can be an effective tool for marketing the services of your law firm. Newsletters alert existing clients to preventive law practices and recent legal developments. They also attract new clients to the firm. Publish a free e-newsletter with  Mailchimp  or TinyLetter . U se services like Ghost , Revue , and  Substack to publish a newsletter with a subscription fee. For newsletter tips, read articles about rainmaking , writing ,  and  publishing newsletters.  Also read about the advantages of newsletters compared to  blogging ,  e-alerts  and hybrid combinations . And read the ABA book about Online Publishing Strategies . See below to links to newsletters published at law firm websites. Sample Newsletters Frankl Kominsky  - Boynton Beach (Small Firm) Bradley   Germantown (Small firm)  Fredric Angenbeg  - Baltimore (Solo)  Jones Walker - New Orleans (Large Firm)

Marketing with Speeches

Giving speeches will help you build your reputation and client base. Click here for an article with tips and resources for giving speeches. To be considered for speaking opportunities, c omplete your profile in directories maintained by the  ABA  and State Bars, and other organizations. Use the resources listed below to improve your speechmaking and marketing skills. Articles Giving Speeches to Get Clients How to Teach at CPE Courses Marketing with Public Speaking Speaking fo r Client Development Speaking Style Talking Tips Books Marketing with Public Speaking Speaking Outside the Courtroom Storytelling Techniques Presentation Skills Using PowerPoint Websites National Speakers Association Public Speaking Project Toastmasters