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To Do Lists

To do lists can help you stay on track during the Coronavirus situation.  Keep lists of clients to call, documents to prepare, and tasks to complete.  Keep lists in a paper appointment book or use an app accessible on your computer or smartphone. To learn how to manage to do lists, read Richard Heinrich's insightful article about keeping to do lists. and Wylde's comprehensive article about alternative formats. For help selecting an app, read PC Magazine's review of to do list apps and ABA books aboutEvernoteOneNote, and other productivity software.

Attracting Prospects

Despite the rise of the Internet, non-technical marketing tools remain an effective and low-cost method for attracting clients. Regardless of specialization and firm size, lawyers can attract clients with non-Internet tactics like networking, posting signs, publishing articles, requesting referrals, and seeking alliances. Click here for an article about non-Internet marketing and resources for implementing them at your firm.