Speeding Up Your Internet

Slow Internet speeds can cause timeouts, delay downloads, interrupt video, and garble conference calls.  Start the troubleshooting process by contacting your cable provider to request help with speed problems and connection issues. Consider connecting your devices to the Internet using Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. Improve Wi-Fi performance by upgrading routers, changing channels, moving to higher frequencies, and using a Wi-Fi extender or Mesh device. Read home networking articles about design, routers,speed, and security. For in-depth study read books like Wiley’s Guide to Networking and ABA’s Cybersecurity Guide. Get assistance from the ABA's Legal Technology Resource Center and your state bar's technology assistance service. H

Increasing Your Productivity

Smart speakers with video displays can improve your productivity. Popular devices include Amazon's Echo Show, Google's Nest Hub, and Lenovo's Smart Display. Apple fans can use their iPads or iPhones. Use them with digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Google's Assistant for calendars, calls, clocks, email, and retrieving information. Learn more by reading articles about digital assistants, smart displays, productivity tips, and product reviews.

Mastering Virtual Meetings

Improve the audiovisual quality of your conference calls by using a webcam or microphone. Enhance your appearance by using an expensive spotlight to illuminate your face.  And free up your laptop by putting your smartphone on a tripod for video calls. For more tech tips, read articles about video calling,best gear for online meetingsmastering virtual meetings. And see Doug McHomey’s video about working about best video calling equipment for working from home.

Becoming a Legal Twitterer

Surveys show that a significant number of lawyers and their firms are using Twitter.  Lawyers mostly use Twitter for following news, marketing, and establishing reputations. See samples using a Directory of Legal Twitterers, a List of Lawyers to Follow, or a Table of Top Law Feeds.  Learn more by reading articles about the benefits of Twitter, creating an account, ethical issues, getting followersstarting up, and user tips.  Also see O'Reilly's Twitter Book and the ABA'sGuide to Legal Ethics and Social Media.

Signing Documents Electronically

Signature technology can be used on business, government, and personal documents. Popular software programs with electronic signature capability include Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word.  Digital signature software programs like Docusign provides encryption in addition to electronic signatures. Learn more by reading articles about paperless signing, document managementlegal requirements, and when and how to use signature technology.  Also see reviews of software for digital signatures and document management.

Checking Facts

Fact checking is essential because of the exponential growth of news sources and partisan in reporting. Remember to be skeptical, compare information sources, and don't share articles without verifying. For more fact checking tips, read articles about biasliteracy, and spotting fake news. Check out the bias ratings of your news sources a at fact checking website and view a diagram of ideology ranking of news sources.

Drafting Better Contracts

Write professional looking contracts by using concise wording, paragraph numbering, section headings, and tables of contents. Use letter-size paper and single spacing to make contracts easier to scan. For more tips, read articles about form libraries, word processingwriting clearly, and technology tools like document management software. Also see Dell Toedt's archive of drafting articles and his contract checklist.  For in-depth study, read PLI's contract handbook and ABA books about business contracts, computer contracts, construction contractsdrafting stylegovernment contracts, leasesmedical contracts,  prose in contracts and settlement agreements