Avoid Problems from LinkedIn Hacking

Last week’s hack of LinkedIn’s database of user profiles may lead bad actors using the data to send personalized phishing emails, bogus job offers, extort ransom or use “brute force” to hack into email accounts.  Check whether your email was compromised by using the  online tool  posted at the  CyberNews website. And read the CyberNews article about database hackings to learn how hackers use stolen data . 

Marketing with Webinars

Educational webinars are an inexpensive and effective way to attract new clients and keep in touch with existing ones. Webinars can establish your reputation and increase your visibility on the Internet. Consider holding monthly or quarterly webinars as live events and recording them for replay by those unable to attend. Create an archive of past webinars at your firm website and launch a YouTube page to broaden their availability. Norm Rubenstein with the Zeughauser Group cautions webcasters to provide in-depth thought leadership to attract viewers and consider podcasting as an audio alternative to webcasting.  For more webinar tips, r ead articles about  checklists ,  hosting ,  planning , promoting , and  Zooming webinars . Also see our post about marketing with podcasts . For in-depth study, read books like the Lawyers Guide to Marketing on the Internet , Marketing with Webinars , and  Webinars for Dummies .  Get inspired by viewing Law Firm Webinar Pages which are hosted by Justi

Improving Virtual Consultations

Virtual consultations are becoming a popular alternative to face-to-face meetings, especially for initial consultations. They are convenient for clients and productive for lawyers.  Improve your virtual consultations by being prepared, attentive, and empathetic.  Use a client friendly platform like Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, or Zoom. Learn additional tips from the articles listed below. Also see our blog posts about apps for scheduling appointments  and improving client intake . Articles: Guide to Building a Virtual Law Firm  (Clio) How to Conduct Video Consultations  (Lawyer Marketing) How to Start a Law Firm in the Virtual Law Office Era   (Thomson Reuters) Virtual Consultations: Applying the Rules Virtuall y (Attorney at Work)

Virtual Office Checklist

Below is a checklist of software, hardware, and services to equip virtual offices.  Whether replacing or supplementing a physical office, virtual offices will continue to be popular after the Coronavirus Pandemic. Use the following checklist to assure a success practice whether you work at an office, home, or on the road. For tips about operating a virtual office, read a case study  and articles about apps for working remotely ,  deciding to work remotely ,  ethically practicing in place and how to work remotely .  For in-depth study, read the ABA's book about Virtually Practicing Law .  SOFTWARE Office Productivity (e.g. Office365 or Google Workspace) Phone (e.g. RingCentral or Skype) Conferencing (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom) Practice Management (e.g. Clio Manage, MyCase, Practice Panther, and Rocket Matter) Client Relationship (e.g. Aptivo, Clio Grow, Salesforce, or Zoho CRM) PDF Creators (e.g. Adobe Acrobat or FoxIt) Pasword Manager (e.g. Dashlane or Last Pass) 

Remote Work Strategies

The Coronavirus situation provides an opportunity to explore alternatives for working remotely, including home, shared, or virtual offices. Regardless of work location, remember to be stay cyber secure and keep connected with clients and colleagues. Also, comply with bar requirements for office addresses if working virtually and  admission requirements if practicing across state lines. For more tips, read articles about Apps for Working Remotely ,  Bar Requirements for Physical Offices ,  Moving Your Practice Between Jurisdictions ,  Places to Work Remotely Other Than a Coffee Shop , Restrictions on Where Lawyers Can Practice ,  State Tax Withholding and Other Obligations for Remote Workers  and What to Consider Before Giving Up Your Office .  Also see the annual update to NCBE's Guide to Bar Admission Requirements  and the ABA's book about  Virtual Law Practice .

Designing a Contact Us Page

Contact pages are an essential part of law firm websites. They facilitate communication with prospects and clients by providing the firm's address, phone number, and a form for emailing, or texting, or live chat.  Contact pages can be linked to client relationship software to improve client intake, marketing, and case management. Consider including  a disclaimer that a contact form submission or email does not initiate an attorney-client relationship.  Improve your firm's contact page by reading articles about  client relationship software , contact disclaimers ,  designing contact pages , improving client contact , and  the importance of client contact pages . For further study, read ABA books about  Internet Marketing   and  Virtual Offices . See below for links to sample contact pages with the name of the client relationship software integrated into the page.  Examples of Contact Pages Frankl & Kominsky , Boynton Beach, FL (Captorra) Law Office of David M. Goldman , Jack

Mastering Change

Law, technology, and the legal profession are in a constant state of change. Master change by adopting new technologies, distinguishing yourself from other lawyers, and keeping informed on developments in the news and the law. Read articles  about adapting to a changing world ,  being a change agent , change in the legal profession ,  digitally transforming yourself ,  providing value to society , r e-engineering the legal profession , staying informed , and  trends in law practice .