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Securely Sending Documents

Electronic delivery speeds the delivery of documents whether filing, collaborating, sharing,  or seeking signatures.  Assure timely and secure delivery by checking addresses and using encryption. Consider alternatives that work best for you, your clients, and co-counsel. Consider the electronic delivery alternatives listed below. Read the see resources listed below for additional tips and a list of providers for client portals.  Alternatives Client Portal - secure, but requires practice management software Cloud - convenient for collaborating and getting signatures E-mail - instantaneous, but security risks Fax - quick and secure, but requires hardware Articles Alternatives to Attachments Client Portals Digitally Signing Documents Email Security Ethical Guidelines Keeping Communications Confidential Protecting Documents with Encryption ,  Passwords, and Portals   Using Email to Communicate with Clients Securing Your Communications Sending Paper Documents Staying Up to Speed on Security

Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and data analytics are powerful tools for automating repetitive tasks, crunching data, competing for clients, drafting documents, and generating ideas.  They can assist with analyzing, litigating, marketing, researching, and writing.  Consult the practice management service of your state bar association for help implementing these tools. Contact legal technology vendors to learn the benefits cost of their products. For self-study, see the articles, books, and software listed below. Articles AI Tools for Lawyers , Emerj Blog, 2/1/2022 Automating and Creating with AI (WSJ Feb. 20, 2023) Benefits of Artificial Intelligence , ABA News, July 2017 Best AI Apps and Websites , Wall Street Journal, 6/19/202 Building AI into Law School Curriculums , Guardian, 7/13/2017 Changing the Legal Profession with AI , Business Law Today, 2/21/2022 Chatbots for Law Firm Websites , ABA Journal, 7/22/2022 Collecting Data for Small Firms , Law Technology Today, April 13, 2018 Ethics o

Getting Paid Faster

Get paid faster by screening new clients for ability to pay, requiring them to make deposits, and keeping them happy. Make it easy with timekeeping systems, billing software, monthly invoicing, and follow-up.  Facilitate quick payment by accepting credit cards and using online payment apps. Avoid fee disputes by communicating fee expectations and drafting client-friendly bills. For more tips, see the articles, books, software, and reviews lsted below.   Articles Accepting Electronic Payments Approaches to Collections Automating Timekeeping Avoiding Write-Offs Best Practices Billing Procedures Billing Software Billing Tips for New Lawyers Engagement Letters Ethics Getting Paid How to Invoice Clients Improving Billing and Collections Keeping Clients Happy Payment Apps Payment Systems Sample Billing Language Tips for Billing Software Trends   Using Retainers to Speed Collections Books Attorney-Client Agreements Drafting Bills Clients Rush to Pay Guide to Law Firm Profitability Keeping Cli

Benefiting From Community Service

Volunteering helps lawyers to stay connected and make new contacts. Volunteers improve their sense of well-being, enhance their reputation, and attract clients to their firms. Start volunteering by visiting the ABA Directory of Volunteer Activities  and the ABA Pro Bono Website . See the articles listed below for volunteering tips and visit law Firm websites for examples of lawyers serving their communities.  Articles Benefiting from Community Service Branding Yourself with Community Service Building Your Community Presence Giving Back to Your Community Helping Associates Do Pro Bono Marketing Power of Community Service Senior Lawyers Serving Pro Bono Supporting Your Community Young Lawyer Involvement Working on Political Campaigns Law Firm Websites Kean Miller (Baton Rouge) William Berenson (Ft. Worth) Kang Haggerty (Philadelphia) Chris Early  (Boston) Breakstone White & Gluck (Boston) John Day (Nashville) Chepenik Trushin (Miami)

Hosting Employee Events

Social activities show appreciation and promote loyalty. They can also boost your firm's reputation when recruiting and marketing. Examples include virtual meet-ups, online staff meetings, team building activities, virtual challenges, webinars, etc.  Consider inviting family members to improve work-life balance.  See below for articles, books, checklists, and examples of firms websites and Facebook pages that mention  employee events. Articles Benefits   Event Ideas Planning Remote Activities Books Guide to Event Planning Meeting and Event Planning The Happy Lawyer Checklists Contracts Planning Law Firm Examples Mid-Size  (Flaster Greenberg, New Jersey) Spencer West  (Spencer West, England) Big Law  (Exemplary Facebook Pages)