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Keeping Lawyers Happy

Happy lawyers are committed, engaged, and productive. They are less susceptible to burnout and unlikely to leave. Below is a list of tips for keeping lawyers happy at your firm. And beneath the list are links to articles and books with additional tips.  Tips for Keeping Lawyers Happy Amenities - Provide concierge services; reimburse  fitness costs  Assistance - Support those with mobility and family issues Balance  -  Offer part-time work and reduce billable hour requirements Collaboration  - Conduct firm meetings to promote collaboration and teamwork Compensation -   be vigilant to keep competitive pay and benefits competitive Feedback  - Give guidance and feedback Rewards - Acknowledge and reward accomplishments Socialization - Host social events to facilitate team building Training - Provide in-house training and reimburse CPE cost s Wel-Being - Adopt policies and procedures that promote mental health Articles Motivating Lawyers and Staff Helping Remote Workers Stay Healthy Keep

Masking in the Office

Mask strategies are changing due to spread of the Delta variant and increasing COVID case counts. Protect yourself by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask around other people both indoors and outside. Carry a mask with you at all times. Use a N95 or KN95 mask instead of a cloth or surgical mask. For more tips masking tips, read the articles listed below. Articles About Masking Avoiding Counterfeit Masks Buying a Reliable Mask Deciding Whether to Require Masks Mask Etiquette When Dining Out Upgrading to N95 Ma sks When and How to Use Masks Where to Buy Masks Why Masks Are Needed Outdoors

Keeping Clients Happy

Below is a checklist of strategies for keeping clients happy.  Happy clients pay bills promptly and refer new cases.  See the articles and books  below the checklist for more tips. Client Checklist Accommodate clients with mobility issues  Adopt technical innovations  Celebrate personal milestones Communicate periodically with status updates Keep reception areas attractive Meet deadlines and priorities Offer hospitality (e.g. beverages and snacks) Puish newsletters with preventive law tips Smile in-person and on the phone Articles Client Management Improving Hospitality Making Offices Hospitable Strategies for Client Service Using Greeting Cards Books Client-Centered Law Firms Improving Communication Keeping Clients Happy

Improving Your Speaking Skills

Speaking can attract clients, build reputations, and win cases. Remember to speak with enthusiasm, project your voice, and vary your pace, pitch and volume, and use the power of the pause. For more tips, read articles about public speaking ,  speaking style , speeches that attract clients ,  talking tips , and using your voice effectively . For in-depth study, read books for lawyers about  Being Articulate ,  Presentation Skills ,   Storytelling Techniques ,  and  Speaking Outside the Courtroom . Visit article archives maintained by the  National Speakers Association , the Public Speaking Project , and Toastmasters . .   

Improving Office Design

Well-designed offices can attract clients, boost productivity, and enhance well-being. Improve your office by adding amenities, displaying artwork, creating areas for socialization, increasing natural light, improving air quality, and using soothing colors.  Welcome clients and recruits by posting a video tour at your website. See below for articles and video tours to get design ideas for your firm. ARTICLES Checklist for Office Design Office Design Open environments Money saving designs Small firm layouts Reception areas Tips for legal professionals Transitioning after Covid Trends in law office design VIDEO TOURS John J Malm & Associates (Naperville, Illinois) McClure Law Group (Dallas, Texas