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Reducing Stress

Stress is an occupational hazard for lawyers and their support staff. Causes include adversarial work, heavy workloads, and demanding clients. Below are tips for managing stress and resources for implementing them. Tips Acceptance - recognize your limitations and adjust career and lifestyle Attitude - maintain a positive attitude  Communications - improve your communication skills  Counseling - seek help from a therapist or your state bar's Lawyer Assistance Program Health - improve you eating, exercising, and sleeping habits Management - improve time management and technical skills Articles Coping with Age Related Stress Dealing with Stress Exercising to Reduce Stress Foods to Fight Stress Handling Depression and Stress Leading Healthy Lifestyles How to Calm Down Journaling to Reduce Stress Maintaining Mental Health Overcoming Stress Preventing Burnout Protecting Your Attention Relieving Stress with Music Seeking Professional Help Using Meditation to Manage Stress Books Guide to

Marketing with QR

QR codes look like an ink splotch and have data that point to a website or app. QR codes link to a unique webpage that can be bookmarked, emailed, or left in the form of an open page on a phone’s web browser. Join other professionals who use QR codes to attract prospects and improve client relations. Following are tips for using QR codes and links to resources with more information. Creating  – generate QR codes with an app or ask your stationery provider to create them.  Colorizing  – use colors to help your QR code stand out from others. Linking   – link QR codes to useful information like announcements, articles, and bios.  Logo  – insert a logo or photo in your   QR code to make it eye-catching.   Placing  – insert QR codes onto brochures, business cards, flyers, and pamphlets. Sizing  – QR Codes should be at least 1 inch in size or larger to make them readable. Tracking  – use data analytics to track clicks for marketing purposes.  Using  – use QR codes for advertising, billing, m