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Overcoming Anxiety

Warning signs of anxiety include excessive worry, chronic fatigue, constant irritability, gastrointestinal distress, nagging fear, and inadequate sleep. To avoid anxiety, keep connected with family and friends, schedule weekly exercise sessions, and make time for social activities. Seek the help of a coach or psychologist if your are unable to overcome your anxiety. Read articles to battle depression ,  diagnose anxiety  and learn tips for avoiding burnout , occupational hazards ,  overcoming anxiety  and preventing social media overload . Read books like the Guide to a Satisfying Practice ,  Models for Happy Lawyers ,  Techniques for Feeling Better , Untangling Fear ,  and Unwinding Anxiety .   Visit Lawyer Assistance websites maintained by the ABA and state bar associations .

Zooming Tips

Zoom is a popular tool for conferences, meetings, and seminars. Assure the success of Zoom events by using a paid Zoom account that allows more participants, unlimited meeting time, and recording. Carefully choose Zoom settings like waiting rooms, muting on entry, and granting co-host controls. Ask someone to help you with logistics like inviting participants, muting their microphones, and troubleshooting technical difficulties. Schedule a rehearsal for practice and offer tips to help participants who are new to Zoom.  Prior to launching a Zoom event, remember to adjust lighting, pick background, and dress for success. View Zoom tutorials  and how to videos . For more tips, read articles about getting started , chatting strategies , looking professional , and Zooming tips . For in-depth study, read books like Zoom for Dummies  and Engaging Learners Through Zoom  and visit websites like FSBA's Video Conference Toolkit .

Protecting Passwords

Getting “pwned”  means that your password has been exposed by a data breach. A website called  haveibeenpwned  is a free source for determining whether your accounts have been pwned.  Avoid being pwned by: 1) being alert to  phishing scams and spam; 2) using caution  when opening files; 3) avoiding malicious links; 4) e nabling two-factor authentication; 5) using s trong passwords;  and 6) installing  a password manager.  If you have been pwned: 1) make sure y our antivirus programs and operating systems are up to date; 2) s can your device for malware; 3) c hange your passwords; 4) c hange security questions; and 5) c heck the settings of your email accounts to assure that they haven't been set to automatically forward messages.  For more tips, read articles about avoiding phoshing scams ,  security , protecting data ,  receiving pwned alerts  and steps to take if you've been pwned . Also see the ABA’s Cybersecurity Handbook  and the New York Times review of Best Password Mana

Creating Healthier Workspaces

Protect your yourself and others against diseases like the Coronavirus.  Enhance surface cleaning with disinfectants, increase intake of outside air, upgrade furnace filters, and use UV lights in HVAC systems. Post signs to encourage hand cleaning, masking, and social distancing. Remove chairs to reduce the capacity of  conference rooms and waiting rooms.  Space cubicles further apart and install plexiglass dividers between them. For more tips, read articles about best practices for reopening ,  boosting well-being ,  pandemic proofing your office ,  redesigning office space,    workspace ergonomics , and  reimagining workplaces . Consult the resources at Covid websites maintained by the ABA ,  CDC and WHO . 

Working Smarter

Work smart strategies to achieve career success, balance work/life, and reduce stress. Smart techniques include automating, delegating, organizing, outsourcing and prioritizing. Read articles with  tactics ,  tips  and  technology  for working smarter. For in depth study, read the ABA’s  Lawyer Guide to Working Smarter  and other books about  improving productivity .