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Corporate Lawyering

Changing jobs can be risky when moving from a law firm to a company or government agency, nonprofit organization. Careers can be stymied by lack of advancement, job loss can result from corporate mergers, and new management can change the standing of in-house lawyers. Following are some tips and resources to help you transition to a successful career as an in-house counsel.    Tips Advancement - confirm that the company organization provides adequate opportunity for advancement within the law department and management.   Assessment - assess the job and yourself to assure that you are a good fit for the position and the organization. Career - pursue employers that have established career paths (e.g. staff attorney, senior attorney, managing attorney, director, general counsel). Networking - continuing your professional network with outside lawyers to share expertise, friendships, and career opportunities. Industry - avoid cyclical industries that are prone to layoffs and salary fre

Curing Depression

Abraham Lincoln battled depression during his legal career and Presidency.  Lawyers are especially susceptible to depression due to the rigors of the legal profession. Symptoms include inability to sleep, loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness, diminished ability to think, and thoughts of death. Avoid depression by  setting reasonable goals, prioritizing tasks, and using bar association resources. Consider seeking  medical help if you experience symptoms of depression. For additional tips, see the articles, books and websites listed below. Articles Battling Depression Causes of Lawyer Depression Curing Mild Depression Without Drugs Depression After Medical Procedures Diagnosing Depression Foods to Fight Depression Handling Depression and Stress Seeking Professional Help Signs of Depression Spiritual Will-Being Treating Depression   Books Guide to a Satisfying Practice Lawyer Well-Being Lincoln’s Battle with Depression Models for Happy Lawyers Yoga for Lawyers Well-Being Toolkit Webs