Using AI at Work

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for automating repetitive tasks, crunching data, and competing for clients.  It can be used for analyzing, litigating, marketing, researching, and writing.  Consult the practice management service of your state bar association for help implementing AI tools. Contact legal technology vendors to learn the benefits cost of their products. For self-study, see the articles, books, and software listed below.

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Building AI into Law School Curriculums, Guardian, July 31, 2017
Ethical Issues of AI, ABA Professional Lawyer Journal, October 2020
Historical Development of AI, Univ. of Toronto Law Journal, November 2017
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Primer on Law Firm Use of AI, Harvard Law and Technology Journal, January 2018
Transformative Effects of AI, Forbes Magazine, December 19, 2019
Using AI to Improve Law Firm Performance, Law Technology Today, February 2021




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