Marketing With Greeting Cards

Greeting cards can be sent to clients to give holiday greetings, recognize special occasions, provide thanks for past business, and invitations to firm events. Cards can also be sent to welcome new clients, remind clients about appointments, and ask for referrals. Learn more by reading articles about using greeting cards to  market legal services  and  build client loyalty . Buy greeting cards for clients from Blumberg ,  Deluxe , or  Hallmark . 

Designing a Law Firm Logo

An impressive logo establishes your firm’s professional presence and helps it stand out from the competition. Logos can be used on printed materials like brochures, business cards, and stationery. They can also be used on electronic media like e-mail, firm websites, and social networking.  Make your logo distinctive with colors, design, and imagery.  For more tips, read articles about building a brand ,  choosing a firm name ,  creating a firm logo ,  illustrative examples , and types to consider . Also see below for links to creative logos used by small law firms with injury, family, and criminal law practices. Samples of Logos Used by Small Firms Bicycle  (Law office of Jeffrey Glassman, Boston MA) Monogram Incorporating Initials of Firm Name (Abdo Law Firm, Clinton, MI) Animal  (David Wolf, Jacksonville, FL)  Abstract  (Sandy Fox, Miami, FL)

Law Firm Brochures

Law firm brochures make prospects aware of your firm and alert clients to your services. Click here for an article with tips for do-it yourselfers. The article also has tables that provide cost details and links to sample brochures created by solos and small firms.

Writing Letters

Letter writing is a valuable alternative to texting, tweeting, and social media. Letters facilitate detailed explanations, persuasive arguments, and deepening connections.  A single-spaced typewritten page can enable lawyers to get up close and personal with clients, opposing counsel, and the judiciary. Improve your writing by reading ABA books written for Bankruptcy Lawyers , Collection Lawyers ,  Family Lawyers , Divorce Lawyers , General Practitioners , and Litigators .  Also see the ABA's Guide to Writing and book on Documenting the Attorney-Client Relationship . 

Marketing with Client Pamphlets

Lawyers can use marketing pamphlets to attract new clients and develop additional work from existing clients.  Click here for an article with tips on how to use pamphlets alone or in conjunction with other marketing activities like directory listings and firm websites.