Creating To-Do Lists

To do lists can help you stay on track during the Coronavirus situation.  Keep lists of clients to call, documents to prepare, and tasks to complete.  Keep lists in a paper appointment book or use an app accessible on your computer or smartphone. To learn how to manage to do lists,  read Richard Heinrich's insightful article about keeping to do lists .  and Wylde's comprehensive article about alternative formats .  For help selecting an app, read PC Magazine's review of t o do list apps and ABA books about   Evernote   OneNote , and other  productivity software.  

Marketing for Lawyers

Despite the rise of the Internet, non-technical marketing tools remain an effective and low-cost method for attracting clients. Regardless of specialization and firm size, lawyers can attract clients with non-Internet tactics like networking, posting signs, publishing articles, requesting referrals, and seeking alliances. For more tips, read articles about data analytics ,  marketing  and getting referrals . 

Improving Smartphone Performance

The roll-out of 5G cellular service has started in cities across the USA. Higher  5G speeds will be noticeable when downloading large files, streaming videos, and playing games. In addition to  purchasing a smartphone with 5G capability, you can speed up phones by clearing cache, deleting emails, and removing unused apps. Read  articles about apps ,  speed , security and  tips  for using smartphones.  Click here  for a 5-minute video about the evolution of cellular technology from 1G (slower than a telephone modem) to 5G (comparable to speeds of home networks).

Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite have become ubiquitous at law firms. They provide tools for calendaring, collaborating, communicating, and creating. To choose the best one for your firm, read comparisons prepared by  ComputerWorld and ZDNet . Also see comparisons of Google and Microsoft apps for email and productivity . Get tips for using the apps by reading articles prepared by Microsoft and Google . Read books about  Microsoft Office  and  Google Apps for comprehensive guidance. Get inspired by listening to a podcast about Microsoft features that lawyer love . Remember to secure your data and documents with tips from Google and Microsoft .

Using Digital Assistants

Popular digital assistants include Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana.  They use artificial intelligence to converse with users. The Assistants can be used for calendaring, communicating, and controlling devices.  They are useful in both homes and offices.  Below are tips, reviews, and user guides to help you put digital assistants to work in your home and office.  Tips Backup - remember to backup data. Privacy -  adjusting settings to protect privacy and confidential information  Transcription - send texts, take dictation, and transcribe messages .  Uses -  control devices, create appointments, make phone calls, play music, and research.  Articles Artificial Intelligence Ethical Considerations Law Office Applications Privacy   Productivity Smart Devices Using Digital Assistants  Reviews Tech Radar Wall Street Journal Washington Post User Guides Alexa Cortana Google Siri