Keeping Lawyers Happy

Happy lawyers are committed, engaged, and productive. They are less susceptible to burnout and unlikely to leave. Below is a list of tips for keeping lawyers happy at your firm. And beneath the list are links to articles and books with additional tips. 

Tips for Keeping Lawyers Happy
Amenities - Provide concierge services; reimburse fitness costs 
Assistance - Support those with mobility and family issues
Balance - Offer part-time work and reduce billable hour requirements
Collaboration - Conduct firm meetings to promote collaboration and teamwork
Compensation -  be vigilant to keep competitive pay and benefits competitive
Feedback - Give guidance and feedback
Rewards - Acknowledge and reward accomplishments
Socialization - Host social events to facilitate team building
Training - Provide in-house training and reimburse CPE costs
Wel-Being - Adopt policies and procedures that promote mental health



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