Keeping Lawyers Happy

Below is a list of tips for keeping lawyers happy at your firm. And beneath the list are links to articles and books with additional tips. Happy lawyers are committed, engaged, and productive. They are less susceptible to burnout and unlikely to leave for a new position. 

Tips for Keeping Lawyers Happy
Amenities - Provide concierge services; reimburse commuting expenses, add fitness classes 
Assistance - Support those with mobility and family issues
Balance - Offer part-time work and reduce billable hour requirements
Bonuses - pay bonuses at an appropriate frequency
Collaboration - Conduct firm meetings to promote collaboration and teamwork
Compensation - be vigilant to keep competitive pay and benefits
Feedback - Give guidance and feedback
Rewards - Acknowledge and reward accomplishments
Socialization - Host social events to facilitate team building
Space - add outdoor areas for work and socializing 
Snacks - Serve healthy drinks snacks (e.g. fruit, Kombucha, etc.)
Training - Provide in-house training and reimburse CPE costs
Wel-Being - Adopt policies and procedures that promote mental health



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