Zooming Tips

Zoom is a popular tool for conferences, meetings, and seminars. Assure the success of Zoom events by using a paid Zoom account that allows more participants, unlimited meeting time, and recording. Carefully choose Zoom settings like waiting rooms, muting on entry, and granting co-host controls. Ask someone to help you with logistics like inviting participants, muting their microphones, and troubleshooting technical difficulties. Schedule a rehearsal for practice and offer tips to help participants who are new to Zoom.  Prior to launching a Zoom event, remember to adjust lighting, pick background, and dress for success. View Zoom tutorials and how to videos. For more tips, read articles about getting started, chatting strategies, looking professional, and Zooming tips. For in-depth study, read books like Zoom for Dummies and Engaging Learners Through Zoom and visit websites like FSBA's Video Conference Toolkit.


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