Responding to Emails

Below are tips for responding to emails from clients, lawyers, and prospects, Prompt replies improve goodwill, relationships, and reputations.  For more guidance, see the articles and books listed below. And for examples, see below for sample responses to website inquiries.


Attachments - summarize attachments and include a list at the end of message.
Automating - automate replies to acknowledge receipt and provide timeline.
Courtesy - be empathetic, polite, and positive. 
Length - keep messages short (use attachments for long messages).
Promptness - respond within 24 hours.
Subject - limit to a few words


Family Law Advocates (Small Firm, Family Law, Tampa)
Thank you for contacting We'll do our best to reply in the next 24-48 hours. If this is an urgent matter, please give us a call. Remote Consultations are available via telephone or video if preferred.

Moll Law Group (Small Firm, Personal Injury, Chicago)
Thank you for submitting a claim to Moll Law. Group for review. A member of our firm will be contacting you shortly. 


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