Covid Proofing Offices

Following are Covid-19 precautions for law offices. For more guidance, r ead articles about  best practices , encouraging masking ,  health screening , leading your firm through Covid ,  mandating masks ,  requiring vaccinations , and  when to reopen .  Also see  Covid-19 websites maintained by the  ABA ,  CDC  , SHRM ,  and  WHO .   See   Wolters Kluwer Smart Charts to follow regulations adopted by federal agencies and comply with state and local laws.  Checklist for Covid-19 Safety Attendance - limit headcount in the office with staggered days and times Coordinator  - appoint a  Covid-19 safety coordinator Communication  - email plans to lawyers and staff; video conference for safety training Layout - rearrange furniture to increase distancing; limit capacity of conference rooms Notices  - promptly notify lawyers and staff when co-workers test positive  for Covid-19 Planning - adopt a Covid-19 preparedness plan covering masking, vaccinations, etc. Quarantine - isolate employees w

Strategies for Successful Law Firms

Listed below are success strategies from the ABA's 75-page  Report on Practicing Law in the Pandemic and Moving Forward . The Report contains results and recommendations from a nationwide survey of the legal profession.  Strategies for Law Firm Success Communication  - use frequent, transparent, and empathetic communication. Compensation  - assess the effectiveness and fairness of compensation systems. Diversity - promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Families  - provide support for lawyers and staff with families. Hours - set reasonable expectations for billable hours. Policies - adopt policies to promote uniformity and implement change. Remote Work - provide administrative and technical support for remote workers. Well-Being  - adopt programs that promote work-life balance and physical and mental well-being. Work Schedules  - allow part-time and flex-time.

Requiring Masks

Listed below are masking alternatives adopted by law firms that have reopened their offices. Also listed are masking articles, checklists, policies, and procedures. Masking strategies are complicated by Coronavirus surges, changing mandates, and varying attitudes. Use these resources to help your firm adopt a policy and comply with laws governing masking.  Masking Alternatives 1. Honor System - assume those without masks have been vaccinated 2. Acknowledgement   Procedure - require acknowledgment  that mask wearing is required if unvaccinated 3. Documentation System - require staff to submit proof of  vaccination Articles Advice for Employers American Attitudes  on Masking B enefits  of Masking E ncouraging  Masking Masking Policies Masking P rocedures Checklists Reopening Checklist   Policies Vaccination Requirements Voluntary Use of Masks Mandatory Use of Masks Surveys Survey of State Mask Mandates Charting of Federal Regulations  

Marketing with Articles

Writing articles for magazines, newsletters, newspapers and websites  is sometimes called  content marketing . Writing articles can  help drive traffic to firm websites, attract new clients, and bring media inquiries and speaking engagements . Submit them to publishers of  print and online and online media. Send articles to clients to attract new business. Select timely topics and avoid legal jargon. Create an editorial calendar so that articles are published on a regular basis. Republish articles at your firm website and in your LinkedIn profile.  Get more tips by reading articles about e-mailing clients ,  how to write  articles, and  writing to win clients . Also see books about Content Marketing ,  Marketing Checklists , and Online Publishing Strategies . For help getting started, consider licensing content from Blumberg or Justia . or hiring writers to produce it. 

Using FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Question Pages attract prospects, boost rankings, and drive traffic to law firm websites. They save lawyer and staff time by enabling visitors to answer their own questions. FAQ Pages can answer questions about fees, hours, and practice areas. They can also explain common legal problems and how the firm can help solve them. Remember to add a search bar at the top of the FAQ Page and periodically update the answers. Enhance visibility by including a link to the FAQ Page in drop-down menus, footers, and sitemaps. For more FAQ tips, read articles about benefits , content , and design of FAQ Pages. For further study about websites, read the ABA's book about Marketing on the Internet , Clio's Guide to Website Design , and Lawyerist’s Web Site Reviews . Also see below for links to effective FAQ pages. SAMPLE FAQ PAGES Questions About the Firm Dixit Law Firm , Tampa (business and technology) Fry Law Firm , Atlanta (personal injury) Thurman Law Firm , Hillsboro (gener