Texting Tips

Texting has become an increasingly popular form of communication. Lawyers are using texts to communicate with clients, co-workers, and opposing counsel. Texting can schedule meetings, send links, and give status updates. Improve your texting with the following tips, articles, and books.   

Texting Tips

Applications - Communicate with clients, family and friends using personal messaging apps like WhatsApp, Signal, SnapChat, Telegram and iMessage.

Collaboration Collaborate with others in your firm by using Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. 

Distractions - avoid distraction by disabling notificationsfiltering texts from unknown senders, and blocking spammers

Filtering - use the filtering button to view messages in categories like know sender, unread message, etc.

Marking - mark important texts as unread or add a star to avoid forgetting them.

Privacy - protect privacy by hiding messages from your lock screen and turning off sound. 

Scam - block texts from spammers and do not click links or reply to messages if you think they are a scam.

Termination - stop unwanted texts by replying Stop, Unsubscribe, or End.


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