Marketing with Blogs

Blogging builds reputations, informs clients, and markets professional services. It can be done by individual lawyers or by groups or firms. Research best practices by reviewing top ranked blogs. Add a Blog page to your firm’s website and enable visitors to subscribe for email updates. Search blogs using the ABA's Search Tool, Justia's Blog Directory, and Lexblog's Network to access blogs published by thousands of lawyers and law firms. Learn more by reading articles about creating, hosting, marketing, readership, rankings, startingsyndicating and tips. Read books like the ABA's Blogging in One Hour and the Dummy's Guide for in-depth study. And see below for links to Blog Pages at law firm websites hosted by Justia.

Sample Blog Pages at Law Firm Webistes
Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell, Los Angeles (Business Law)
Arnold & Smith, Charlotte (Divorce Law)
Siegfried Rivera, Coral Gables (Construction Law)


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