Marketing with Podcasts

Podcasts are recorded audio programs that are available using websites or podcast apps. Podcasting began in the early 2000’s. Now more than 30% of Americans listen to podcasts while driving, exercising, and walking. Lawyers can podcast to attract prospects and educate clients. It can be used to spotlight practice specialties or firm achievements. Podcasting requires more time and money than other marketing activities, but it can help you and your firm stand out from others. Make podcasts available at your firm's website and on popular services like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Spotify. Consider using a consultant to overcome technical challenges.  Below are resources for do-it-yourselfers, including articles, books, directories, and examples of lawyers who podcast.  






Russell Alexander Law Firm (Toronto) - Family Law
Dolman Law Group (Clearwater, FL) - Injuries
Gordon Firemark Law Firm (Los Angeles) - Entertainment Law
Liz Hanks Law Firm (Mountain View) - Estate Planning
Harris, Sarratt & Hodges (Raleigh) - Product Liability
Jeffers, Danielson (Wenatchee, WA) - General Practice
O'Flaherty Law Firm (Waukegan) - General Practice
Simon Law Firm (St. Louis) - Injuries
Whitaker & Hamer (Raleigh) - General Practice


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