Developing Firm Leaders

Lawyers with leadership skills can help their firms overcome obstacles, win cases, and work as a team. Establish your reputation as a leader by critiquing in private, praising in public, and providing weekly feedback to staff. Institutionalize leadership with chains of command, firm newsletters, reward systems, training workshops, and weekly team meetings. Get inspired by reading bios of legal rebels and other law firm leaders. Learn about leadership by reading articles about bar leaders, blind spotsbuilding characterdeveloping leaders, firm leadership, in-house hierarchies, leadership developmentpractice group chairssecrets of successful leaders, styles of leadership, traits of leaders, and training leaders. For in-depth study, read the ABA’s Lessons in LeadershipFDCC’s Leadership for Lawyers, and McKenna’s Herding Cats.Nominate your firm leaders for an ABA or GP Award or for recognition from local, specialty, and state bar associations.


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