Researching Law

To research smarter, start  by reading a law review article or treatise to guide your thinking and help identify issues. Next read cases and legislation to confirm your preliminary findings.  Use a checklist to assure that you cover all relevant issues. Learn more by using the following resources: 

Archives -  Internet Archive of books and articles and JD Supra archive of articles published by large law firms.

Articles - Finding Articles, Finding BooksOnline ResearchOvercoming Obstacles, Searching Blogs, Secondary SourcesSmarter Research, Strategic Researching, Using Treatises

Blogs - Use tools at Google, Justia, and the ABA websites to search blog content for relevant articles and authors. Also see the Library of Congress directory of legal blogs by topic.

BooksFree and Low-Cost Research, Guide to Legal ResearchInternet Guide for Legal ResearcherLegal Research in a Nutshell, Legal Researchers Desk ReferenceLegal Scholar’s Guidebookand Mastering Legal Research and Principles of Legal Research

LibrariesLLRX, UCUCLA, and UW.

Periodicals - , Bar JournalsHeinOnline, Law Reviews, and Google Scholar

Secondary Sources - SHSU Guide to Secondary Sources.

Research Services - FastCaseFindLaw, InfoSourcesJustia, LexisLLI, NLRG, and Nolo

Treatises - Harvard Directory of Law Treatises


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