Mentoring New Lawyers

Mentoring enables experienced lawyers to give back to the legal profession by helping new lawyers build their confidence and skills. Mentoring is usually voluntary, but it is mandatory in a few states like Georgia and Oregon. Mentoring provide a large benefit with a small amount of effort. Mentors can create a formal program at their firm or go outside their organization to seek or become a mentor. New lawyers can find mentors by asking associates or partners at their firm or using social networks to contact professors or attorneys. Learn more by reading articles about being proactivebenefits of mentoring, building relationshipscreating programsfinding a mentorgiving feedbackmandatory mentorships, mentoring tips and state sponsored mentoring programsFor in-depth study, read books like 60 Minute MentoringLawyers Guide to Mentoring, and Training Law Firm Associates. Also, visit websites hosted by the National Legal Mentoring Consortium, the ABA Career Center, and the ABA Young Lawyer Division. Also see books for new lawyers like the Crumudgeon's Guide to Practicing Law, the New Lawyer's Handbook, and the Young Lawyer's Jungle Book.


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