Replacing Apple Products

Below is a list of Apple products with recommendations for when to replace old ones. Apple has replaced the Lighting connector with USB-C on the iPad Pro, Ipad Air and iPad Mini. In the near future, in the Fall of 2022, Apple is expected to switch to USB-C on standard iPads and in the Fall of 2023 USB-C Is expected on iPhones.To learn more about timing purchases of Apple products, read Best Time to Buy Apple Products and visit the iPhone JD blog and the 9to5Mac website.

Time for Replacing Apple Products

iPhone SE - could take till 2024 to update with
 USB-C (instead of Lightning connector)
iPhone - update in Fall 2023 should add USB-C. Fall of 2022 added eSims, improved camera, screen and faster processors. Apple also added emergency access to satellite signals for text messaging.
AirPods - in September 2022 AirPods Pro were updated with better noise cancellation and longer battery life. 
Apple Watch - Apple upgraded its watches in Fall of 2022 and added a lower cost SE and and a premium Ultra.
iPad - iPad Pro updated with faster processor, longer battery life, Etc.). iPad Air and iPad Mini which were updated in Spring 2022.
MacBook - recently updated.
Apple TV - due for an update.
HomePod - update expected in early 2023


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