Going Paperless

Below are tips on how to become paperless office or reduce the amount of paper used in your practice. Less paper means lower costs and greater efficiency. For detailed guidance, read articles about going paperless, why it might be right for you, and simple steps for going paperless. Also see LexBlog's Guide to Transitioning to a Paperless Law Firm and ABA Books about Going Paperless and Paperless in One Hour.   Visit the Paperless Lawyer Website for a blog and podcasts about going paperless. View the Paper Chase movie for an award-winning look at student life at Harvard Law School in the 1970’s.

1. Switch to a paperless client intake system
2. Create a system for ensuring files stay paperless
3, Digitize your existing paper files
4. Scan any paper as it comes into the office
5. Keep paperless files organized
6. Avoid creating paper by not using printers and fax machines


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