Audio vs Video Calling

Below are tips for deciding whether to use audio or video when calling adversaries, clients, or associates. Audio calling remains a workhorse for communication despite the growing use of video calling. Consider switching off video during conference calls to avoid distraction. Improve your communication skills by reading articles about best practices, calling techniquescommunication policies, and video conferencing tools. Also see the ABA book about Improving Client Communications and Clio’s Guide to Videoconferencing for Lawyers.

Calling with Audio vs Video
Accommodation - be considerate of hearing impaired who need visual cues.
Audio - useful for short and impromptu calls; use to focus on what is said and take notes.  
Fatigue - limit the length and number of video calls to avoid fatigue.
Medium - determine the best medium for your message - calling, writing, or face-to-face
Notification - alert callers at the start of calls about your preference for audio vs video. 
Video - use Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom if it’s important to give visual cues.


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