Monitoring Legal Trends

Below is a list of current trends in the legal profession. Keep your firm ahead of the competition by adopting them early. Learn more about the trends by reading the articles and books appended at the end of this post.

Artificial Intelligence - gradual adoption of AI for drafting, litigation, marketing and research
Cloud Computing - growing use of cloud for collaborating, saving and signing documents
Cybersecurity - rising use of authenticator apps, encryption, and training
Office Space - spread of unassigned seating to accommodate hybrid workers and reduce rent
Payment - increasing acceptance of credit cards and other electronic payment alternatives
Remote Work - remote working continuing at least two each week
Schedule - hybrid work schedules with 2 or 3 days in office and remainder at home
Signature - increasing use of e-signing with Adobe Sign, DocuSign and Microsoft Teams
Team Building - greater emphasis on online engagement to keep lawyers connected 
Training - continued use of virtual learning, online team building, and webinars
Videoconference - continued use of video conferencing for consultations, depositions, etc.


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