Blocking Unwanted Calls

Many Americans are choosing not to answer their phones because of a deluge of robo and spam calls. Legislation has been adopted to stop the unwanted calls, but the problem is likely to continue. Below are strategies to block unwanted calls and articles with additional tips. 

Apps - use an app like Hiya or NoMoRobo to block robocalls
Complaining - submit a complaint to the FCC or FTC 
Do Not Disturb - send calls to voicemail 
Notifications - turn off notifications on smartphones to stop alerts from texts and calls
Privacy - keep your phone number confidential and/or use a second number
Registering - register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry
Screening - use settings to silence unknown callers and send them to voicemail, or hire an answering service to screen incoming calls
Setting - use smartphone settings to silence unknown callers, block unwanted calls and stop spam texts 


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