Marketing With Press Releases

Below are tips for writing law firm press releases and links to samples from solo and small firm websites. An occasional press release can raise your firm's visibility and improve its online reputation. They are an inexpensive and effective marketing tactic for solos and small firms. Publish press releases at your firm website and submit them them to bar associations and editors of local newspapers and magazines. Also consider contacting editors to offer articles on topics in your practice areas. For more tips, see articles about the art of press releases, building a press pagedistribution services, emailing clientsgetting into papersimportance of press releases, managing public relations, publishing online, and writing styleAlso see books for lawyers about Public Relations and Working with Reporters

Start with a sentence that has lists the city, state, month, day and year 
Follow the first sentence with a paragraph that summarizes the content of the release
Include quotations from members of your firm
Provide contact information for readers who want more information 
Use a short and attention catching title
Keep an archive of press releases on your firm website

Bona Firm (Antitrust, San Diego)
Boyd Group (Employment, New York)
Collins Firm (Injury, Naperville, IL)
Dingess Firm (Construction, Pittsburgh, PA)
McClure (Family and Divorce, Dallas)
Phillips & Associates (Employment, New York City)
Reger Law Firm (Business, Philadelphia)
Siegfried Riveria (Business, Coral Gables, FL)
Silverman Thompson Firm (Individuals and Business, Baltimore)
MC Thomas & Associates (Family and Divorce, Washington, DC)


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