Protecting Client Confidences

Cybersecurity, ethics, and technology  are constantly evolving.  Review your current practices to protect client confidences and comply with ethical rules. Below is a checklist of practices to consider and articles and books for implementing them.

Accounts - Use separate accounts for personal and work (i.e. email, banking and social media, etc.)
Backups - Backup client files, correspondence, and other records
Conversations - Do not discuss sensitive information near others or smart speakers
Emergencies - Exchange landline and cell numbers with co-workers for emergency contact
Encryption - Encrypt devices and drives to protect against data theft
Erasure - Turn on settings that allow remote erasing when devices are lost or stolen
Locks - Use a locked room or file cabinet to secure paper documents
Messages- Use secured messaging or encryption to protect emails and documents
Networks - Use secure Wi-Fi network instead of public networks
Passwords - Use a password manager program like 1Password, LastPass or Dashlane
Privacy - Work in a private area to keep conversations confidential
Screens - Set your computer to automatically go to sleep mode when unattended
Updates - Keep all devices and programs up-to-date
VPNs - Use Virtual Private Networks when accessing the Internet




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