Planning Law Careers

Many lawyers pursue careers with corporate law departments, law firms, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Others chose to start a new firm as a solo or with other lawyers. The new firm path is best for lawyers with entrepreneurial spirit, financial support, and organizational skills. Below are tips for writing a business plan to use as a blueprint for growing legal careers and law firms. For further study, see the links to articles, books, forms, and websites.

Assessment - assess entrepreneurial spirit and legal skills to determine readiness.
Contents - describe the practice, competitive factors, finances, and marketing plans.
Costs - determine the cost of equipment, offices, supplies, and staffing.
Focus - select practice areas and geographic locations that will be the focus of the firm.
Office - Decide whether to office at home, an office building, or shared office space.
Research - study competitive factors, costs, fee schedules, skills, and prospective clients.  
Timing - Prepare well in advance of startup date to allow time for implementation.


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