Improving Morale

Returning to the office can improve collaboration, productivity, and work/life balance.  However, many lawyers have delayed returning due to family situations, health issues, or personal preferences. Law firms can accelerating the return by allowing flexibility and promoting health and well-being. Following are additional tips and resources for lure lawyers back to offices.

Communication. Keep lawyers connected and informed about office planning using conferencing, emails, and memos.  


Environment. Improve working conditions by reconfiguring workspaces, adding touchless optionsand modernizing d├ęcorCreate a welcoming environment that makes people feel comfortable and relaxed.   


FlexibilityAllow lawyers and staff to work remotely for a few days per week. Give lawyers and staff the ability to select days in the office and reserve workspace.   


FunEncourage camaraderie with weekly lunches, monthly social events, firm newsletters, and team meetings.  


Safety - Improve air quality by installing UV lights, upgrading air filters, and increasing air exchange. Schedule frequent cleaning and disinfecting. 


WellnessPromote well-being at the office with opportunities for exercise and mediation. Hire nutritionists and trainers for group and one-on-one consultation



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