Writing a Bio

Well-written biographical information can attract clients, enhance reputations, get jobs, and recruit staff. Biographies tell a narrative story that promote you and your firm. They are used in directory listings, business proposals, firm websites, and social media profiles. They give prospects a reason for consulting you. Use the tips and resources below to help write a new biography or update an old one.  Ask an associate or marketing professional to proofread your bio and suggest improvements. Mark your calendar with an annual reminder to update your directory listings, social media profile, and website bio. 

Audience - adversaries, clients, judges, prospects, and recruits
Awards - mention awards and accomplishments
Contact - include contact information and a link for submitting inquiries
Content - provide credentials, history, personal interests, and practice areas 
Graphics - insert a professional quality photograph and use bulleted lists and infographics
Length - keep it brief
Results - mention examples of successful results in your practice areas
Writing - use short sentences, non-legalese, and show personality


Lee Berlik (Berik Law Firm, Reston, VA) - Business Litigation
Jeff Berniard (Berniard Law Firm, New Orleans, LA) - Injury
Susan Clouthier (Clouthier Law Firm, Woodlands, TX) - Appeals
James Cai (SAC Law Firm, San Jose, CA) - Business and Immigration
Chris Earley (Early Law Group, Boston, MA) - Injury
Janice Malecki (Malecki Law Firm, New York, NY) - Securities Law
Mark Hartsoe (Hartsoe Law Firm, Knoxville, TN) - Injury
Kelly McClure McClure Law Group, Dallas, TX) - Family Law
Jason Melton (Whittel & Melton, Spring Hill, FL) - Injury
Ron Miller (Miller & Zois, Baltimore, MD) - Injury and Medical Malptractice
Ross Pepper (Pepper Law Firm, Nashville, TN) - Business Litigation
Bonny Rafel (Rafel Law Group, Florham Park, NJ) - Disability Law
Michelle C. Thomas (Thomas Law Firm, Washington, DC) - Family Law
Rosa  Vigil-Gallenberg (Gallenberg Firm, Burbank, CA) - Employment Law
David White (Breakstone, White & Gluck, Boston, MA) - Injury


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