Avoiding Disasters

Disasters can be caused by computer hacks, deaths/disabilities, equipment failures, errors/omissions, health emergencies, loss of a key employee, power outages, sabotage, scandals, severe weather, and software glitches. Advance planning can help firms survive disasters and overcome adversities. Following are disaster planning tips and resources for implementing them.

Backing Up 
- backup data with cloud services and store backup equipment outside of the office.
Contacts - create a communication list with contact details of clients, employees, and vendors.
be prepared with alternative forms of communication (e.g., mobile phones, mobile hotspots, satellite phones, etc.).
Delegating - appoint a leader to take charge in the event of a disaster.
Drilling - stage occasional drills to rehearse roles.
Insurance - purchase insurance to cover business interruption, malpractice, and other risks.
Inventorying - prepare a list of equipment, supplies, and valuables.
Planning - prepare an action plan of things to do in event of a disaster.
Training - conduct an in-house seminar on disaster planning to prepare lawyers and staff.




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