Making Presentations

Compelling presentations are important in auditoriums, boardrooms, classrooms, courtrooms, and offices. Presentations should entertain, persuade, motivate, and educate. Skillful presenters get audiences to change their view, learn new things, and take action.  Below are tips for making effective presentations resources for further study.

Audience - research your audience and adjust to their level.
Organization - begin with overview, next details, and end with recap.
Practice - practice presentations in front of a colleague or friend. 
Skills - develop skills by attending in-person or online seminars.
Story - tell a story to illustrate your points and entertain.
Video - use a video to appeal to emotions and sensibilities.
Visuals - limit the number of slides and the content of each slide.
Recording - record your presentation for replay as a podcast or YouTube video.
Wording - keep sentences short and use inclusive words like us, we and our.




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